Low-Residue/Low-Fiber Diet

Pour les anglophones et autrophones de mon entourage.

A low-residue/low-fiber diet is for people who need to rest their intestinal tract.

Points to keep in mind
•    Avoid any food made with seeds, nuts, or raw or dried fruit.
•    Avoid whole-grain breads and cereals. Purchase products made from refined flour.
•    Do not eat raw fruits or vegetables. Remove skins before cooking.
•    Limit milk and milk products to 2 cups a day. Use lactose-reduced milk or lactase enzymes if you are lactose intolerant.   in my case "it's simply" none of it at all.

• Limit fats since these can increase stool bulk.
•    Avoid tough, fibrous meats with gristle.

Download the list of what i can/can't eat:

Source: UPMC

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